Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves and.... Leaves

Who knew that the trees in our backyard could produce so many leaves? This year's "fall" was probably the same as years before, but somehow the piles that sprouted up all over the backyard seemed bigger.

Adam, our gardener, was happy to leave out piles (pun intended) for the children to play in, and they have certainly put those leaf piles to good use!

I decided that Colton needed a good 'ol regular childhood experience playing in the leaves, so the two of us hunted out a good sized cardboard box and built a little fort. We didn't have nearly enough time to play in it before it was time to go back inside, but he now has a head start on leaf-home building.

We couldn't leave the big pile of dry leaves laying around for long, but that didn't mean our fun with leaves was over. Adam had some work to do on a trellis, and the children somehow convinced him shake some branches...

These bright, yellow leaves were so much prettier than the dry, brown ones, that Colton picked a bouquet for someone special. 

Who? Why, the fair Esther of course! 

Brendan, Isaac and Jonathan set up shop, meanwhile, and if you're interested in purchasing, they're having a buy three leaves, get a kiss free deal going on right now. You don't want to miss out!

There are many more pictures of our fun in the leaves on our website in the scrapbook, and also on our facebook page!

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