Friday, November 22, 2013

Benjamin's Memorial Fund: The Story

This year we've decided to do something different and special. Over the next few weeks we'll be telling you more about it, but for today... a story.


Benjamin lay there in PICU, surrounded by IVs and wires and they had just intubated him again. Crying out on behalf of this little boy, whose life was already a long string of miracles, we prayed that he would make it. We prayed that he would be able to breath on his own once again.

It seemed like nearly all of Benjamin's seven-short months of life were spent in the hospital. And many of them were. But when he got better and defied all medical hope again he had a home to come to and a dozen mamas who fought to hold him and love him and fight for him. Every time he stabilized and was able to transfer from PICU to the regular ward, we had no problem finding a nanny who would stay with him. In fact, the hard thing was choosing which nanny would go... they were all so eager.
Laura loving on baby Benjamin
Laura, one of our nannies,loved Benjamin like her own and was the last one to hold him when he was admitted into PICU the last time. She was the last one to cuddle him tight and stare into his big brown eyes and she will probably be the last one to stop grieving... because Benjamin, an orphan, was not only cried for at his memorial service. He was sobbed for.

Laura taking Benjamin to the hospital... for the last time.
There was never any hesitation when we went to the hospital to put money into Benjamin's account as he fought for his life. We never second-guessed covering the costs of the hospital stays, even though they quickly exceeded $10,000 USD. There was never any question about it. Benjamin's life was worth fighting for and even though he didn't make it, we don't believe that a penny was wasted. Not a single penny.

But funds are funds and the money that helped Benjamin fight made a deep dip into our accounts. We don't regret it, but we want to do something about it... something that will honor Benjamin's fight and enable other children like him to have their own chance.

In honor of our little guy, we want to continue saving lives. He touched our life and we know that he touched yours too. Together, we can do this. Together, let's raise $10,000 and tell the world that life matters. Every single breath of it.

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  1. Such a precious child Jesus has in His lap right now!