Friday, October 11, 2013

I'll Stick up for You

Esther and Lydia have been roommates since Lydia moved downstairs with the big kids after recovering from her heart surgery. We knew that they were close, but a recent story from their nanny revealed to us just how close the two of them are.

Esther and Lydia are both quiet little girls. Because of Esther's ENT defect, her hearing isn't that great, and so she's learning sign language in order to communicate. Lydia is delayed and also learning sign language and slowly finding her voice.

However, despite their normal silent demeanor, these two are full of spunk. And mischief.  

Esther may be tiny, but she's 110% spunk and turned two in May. So she's tiny but mighty and likes to be involved and have fun and for a two year-old sometimes this means getting into a bit of trouble. And when you're surrounded by kids there's bound to be a few tiffs involved...

So sometimes Esther gets pushed around a bit. She stands up for herself, and she's not the only one.

Esther and Lydia's nanny told us a story about the other day when one of the older kids got frustrated at Esther and pushed her away.

Immediately, Lydia gave the perpetrator a slap.

We were surprised to hear that gentle and delicate Lydia went to such extreme measures to protect her "sister," but I guess that's what sisters do! They stick up for each other. 

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