Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Forever Home: We've Got Earrings!

No, we didn't pierce their ears--they're clip on's!!  Recently Camilla was sitting on my lap and admiring my earrings, like she often does, but this time she said she wanted some. No, not in words, but pointed to mine and then to her ears with the look that mom's know exactly what they mean :) We looked the house over to find some clip on's she could try out. First thing she does when she gets something new?  Why, run to the mirror to check herself out!!

And we all know what one child gets.....another one also wants!!

Zoe was rather excited about getting some clip on earrings too.  Can you tell?!!

Then both run to the mirror to check things out!

Lastly, Camilla climbs back onto my lap and we both admire one another's earrings....cause that's what girls do!

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