Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Making Muffins

Mary Kim, our preschool teacher this summer, decided to end her internship with a bang. A baking bang. We have a stash of muffin mixes that were donated, and the children love to make things, so baking muffins it was!

Zoe helped pour the mix into the bowl.

And Corrie held the "ready" position with eager anticipation. 

Melinda kept an eye on the proceedings while she waited her turn.

Corrie was pretty happy when it was finally her turn!

Henry helped mix...

...and then spoon the batter into the muffin tins. Look at Noah watching - isn't he a good waiter!

Yum, Melinda looks like she's ready to try one already!

Something makes us think that Corrie has a future as a mommy's-helper, what do you think?

Lucy's absolute favorite thing in the whole world is to make and serve pretend food to people. So when it came to making real food, she was in her element. 

Good helper, Zoe!

Of course, when the muffins were done the kids gobbled them up before we could grab the camera and get some pictures. Oh well! At least we got this great shot of Mary-Kim and her wonderful baking helpers while they waited patiently for their muffins to make. Thanks, Mary-Kim for pouring your life into these precious preschoolers for the summer! We will never forget you. 

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