Friday, September 6, 2013

Daniel Comes Back

When we heard that Daniel was coming back to New Day with his family, and that his visit would nearly overlap with his birthday, we knew that we needed to do something special. What else could we do for the little one who had spend his first two birthdays in our care but throw him a NDFH Preschool style birthday party?
This was his honest reaction when he found out that the cake was for him. 

What an incredible blessing to be watching Daniel's forever mama helping him cut the cake. We might just have been a bit teary.

Then it came time to dig in. Our preschoolers never fail to leave us in a fit of giggles with their cake-eating antics. 

Daniel fit right in...

Later that day Daniel and his family met with Daniel's foster family! This was definitely a precious moment for all involved.

Even Oliver enjoyed it!

Loving Anna, Daniel's old foster mama, gave him a big hug while still holding Oliver, one of her current foster children. The love in this woman's heart is deep and wide. 

Daniel's previous foster baba wasn't planning to come in for the meeting because he had work to do, but he managed to make time. We're so glad that he did... he is too.

As if the day could have been any more poignant and memorable, Daniel's nanny, the one who stayed with him in the hospital while he recovered from heart surgery, came in, even though it was her day off. 

A precious end to a precious day. Love really does grow here!


  1. I'm not sure there are adequate words to express the gratitude in our hearts...
    New Day is surely a place where seeds of love are planted, nourished, and grows! Thank you to everyone from the drivers, nannys, foster parents, nurses, doctors, staff, and even the supporters of this place that offers hope!
    We are forever blessed!
    Daniel's family

  2. As Daniel's "forever Aunt" it is so beautiful to see this post. He is such a precious boy and I know much of that comes from the love the received there! Blessings for all you do!
    Daniel's Aunt