Friday, August 9, 2013

Who Done It?

The case opens at breakfast time. Colton and Henry are straggling in, a bit giggly-eyed... a bit suspicious. Colton's nanny notices, Henry's nanny notices, but both are too busy to get to the bottom of the guilty-looking boys. They have a house full of kids to feed.

Not long after a shriek pierces through the foster home (ok, not a shriek... more like a murmur). Running out of Henry's bedroom comes his nanny, a huge, fluffy, pink and white bear in her arms.

...or at least, what used to be a pink and white bear.

Someone has defaced the bear. Who could it be?

Who done it?

Now we interview Colton and Henry. Both are nonchalant... too natural to be natural. We asked them both a few questions.

During the interviews we determined that Henry had received a package that contained markers just the other day. We also learned that Colton wandered into Henry's bedroom during the morning shift change.

The two of them were in the same room together, unattended. And the markers were in the room with them. Along with: the bear.

...the case thickens.

We tried to ascertain more facts by asking the boys well-thought-out questions. Instead of answering, however, they giggled. Not knowing what to make of their hilarious expressions, we decided to be blunt.

"Who drew on the bear?"

The pointing fingers shone a new light on this case.

Those, and the giggles, pointed straight at our culprits. A stern reprimanding was in order. Hopefully they'll learn. But then again... 

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