Friday, August 9, 2013

Our First Run-a-Thon!

Last month we hosted our first ever Run-a-thon! It was a blast... a round-the-world blast. We had runners from here in Beijing, all the way to the US many different states. 

 Everyone ran for Benjamin...

...each of the runners were sponsored.

In total we raised over $1100!

...which is good, because this little guy has gone a bit crazy with his medical costs. How could someone so little spend so much at the hospital? We'll blame the ventilator. 

After being released from the hospital after a month of touch-and-go, Benjamin began to spiral again and we admitted him into a different hospital. This time the doctors were able to identify his problem and he had surgery last Wednesday. 

We're ready to have him home and healthy. Are you ready to run again? We're thinking about hosting another run, this time in October. Interested? e-mail We will be running for Benjamin again.

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