Sunday, August 18, 2013

{Where They Are Now} Reagan

This last year was Reagan’s second full year with us, her forever family, but it was a year filled with many firsts for her.  I recently caught up with Reagan at a tea party, we chatted about some firsts that she’s had and her BIG plans for her future.

Mama: Reagan, this year you had your first graduation.  You graduated from kindergarten, what do you think will be different about first grade?

Reagan: In first grade I turn 8.

Mama:  Yes, you will turn 8 years old but what else will be different in first grade from kindergarten?

Reagan:  I get new backpack.  A Hello Kitty backpack

Mama:  I will be sure to put a new backpack on the list of supplies for you.  Thanks for reminding me.

Reagan: Mama?

Mama: Yes?

Reagan: A Hello Kitty backpack.

Mama:  Got it, a Hello Kitty backpack is on the list.

Mama: This was also your first year of t-ball and dance.  Which one did you like better, t-ball or dance?

Reagan: T-ball.

Mama: Why?

Reagan: T-ball no wear tights.  I wear shirt and pants.

Mama:   But do you like to dance?

Reagan:  I like dance, I like tap shoes.  I no like tap clothes.  I no like tights.

Mama:  Got it, you’re not a fan of dance clothes.  I seem to remember many dance class days that you went in tears because of those tights!  At your recital you seemed to feel right at home up on stage.  Were you nervous or scared dancing in front of all those people?

Reagan:  I no scared.

Mama: Any big plans for the summer?

Reagan: I ride big bike.

Mama: You want to ride a two wheeler?  You’re ready to take off the little wheels?

Reagan:  No take two off.  Take one off.  I ride big three wheel bike.

Mama: When you go up, what do you want to be?

Reagan:  Big.

This interviewer may be a bit biased but I have no doubt that Reagan will reach her dream to be BIG. Everything about this girl is BIG and she brings BIG joy to everyone around her.


  1. and she brings BIG joy to those who have followed her beautiful story! just so absolutely moved beyond words to see this girl thriving with her loving forever family!