Saturday, August 17, 2013

NDSouth: Ready for School

Our kids love school. And it doesn't take long for our younger ones to catch on to how much fun it must be. We have our children start coming to preschool around 2 years of age or when we feel that they are ready and able to sit for class time. At the moment we have 4 students and looking to add more in the coming months.

Marshall and Charlotte aren't quite ready for class yet, but that doesn't stop them from thinking they are. They will sneak into the class room anytime they can!

The funny thing is, that they know all about school as the older children must be telling them what goes on. "Here are the sticker charts where if you are good you put a sticker, Marshall!" - Charlotte

Marshall, are you all set for school? What do you say?


Charlotte also knows the proper way to let the teacher know that she is ready for class to begin.

You are such a good student, Charlotte, and so eager to learn!

Sorry Marshall and Charlotte, it's not quite time for you to join. But it won't be long as you two are growing up so quickly!

Marshall and Charlotte both attend one-on-one sessions in the afternoons with our preschool teacher but they are wanting to be in school with the big kids. It won't be long!

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