Friday, August 16, 2013

Feeding the Goat

You've met our dog, Tom, right? He's Rachel's very best friend.

If you have a minute, she would like to introduce you to her other good friend, Jerry. 

Jerry is our goat, and in case you didn't catch it, New Day Foster Home's animals are named Tom and Jerry. Funny, right?

Our gardener was trimming some branches from the trees in our backyard playground and brought Jerry out to snack on the leaves. 

Wendy and Colton, Meilin and Joel were taking a break from class and came out for a natural sciences lesson! Did you know that goats love leaves, Wendy?

Jerry isn't always the nicest pet to have around, so he spends most of his time in his pen. However, sometimes we have really great opportunities to introduce the children to Jerry, and to how goats live, so we bring him out and he is always a hit!

As well as Tom and Jerry, we also have a collection of rabbits that the children love to watch. It's so much fun to teach the children about the big outdoors!

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