Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pre and Post-Miracles

Our newest arrival, Mark, is a very sick little boy. He was born with the same need as Alea and Talley - he needs a new liver. But Mark's condition is much worse already than Alea's or Talley's ever was. He is in continual discomfort and the only thing that gets him through the day is lots of cuddles, lullabies and prayers. We're believing a miracle for Mark. We're believing for him the same miracle that has happened for both Alea and for Talley.

Since Mark arrived he has been doing quite poorly, so we pushed for him to be admitted into the hospital. There were no beds available, but the surgeon was willing for him to share Talley's bed. Here the two of them are. One pre-miracle, jaundiced and uncomfortable. One post-miracle, rosy and wiggly.

The good news of Mark being able to get a bed at the hospital just got better yesterday, when Talley was actually released from the hospital! Here she is enjoying some sunshine. She's a bit pale from being at the hospital for so long, but pale is so much better than yellow, don't you think? Her rosy little fingers and lips make us tear up for joy.

Now Mark has a bed of his own. It's time for miracles!

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