Monday, June 3, 2013


...we went to the zoo where we saw a lot of cool animals. It was Rebecca's first field trip ever and she loved it.

Oh, and Meilin had a staring contest with a monkey. Don't miss it. She won.

We also planted a garden and then picked our very own ripe strawberries.

You must have a very green thumb, Cara!


We had a fun party to celebrate all of the May birthdays in the foster home. Esther turned two, Corrie turned three and Colton turned six. What a little man he's become...

Wendy enjoyed her cake. A lot.

June first is Children's Day here in China. Kimberly-Clark Corporation helped us throw a fun party. Bubbles were involved.

While the children were blowing bubbles, Talley's life was being saved.

And Mary and Abby just left to join their forever family. Hooray for adoption!

It's been a little busy around here, lately.

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