Thursday, June 20, 2013

Party in the Playroom

What do you do when the big kids leave for a field-trip and the only ones left in the playroom are Rachel, Rebecca, Isaac, Julia Grace and Lydia? Why, you throw a party, of course!

Thanks to a care package that Julia Grace received today, there were new balls to play with. Most of the children tried to hold as many as they could at one time... Julia Grace just tried to eat hers.

Also in Julia Grace's package was a CD of children's songs. We put it on. Lydia danced.

We had no idea that Miss Lydia was such a dance-loving girl. She rocked and swayed and clapped and giggled and we couldn't wipe the smiles off of our face watching her.

Isaac loves to dance, but every time he'd start a ball would roll out of his hands. Clapping was especially hard.

How do you clap when your hands are full of balls?

 The nannies thought that the children were so cute dancing and playing with the balls, that they lined them up.

...and then we took a video.

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