Thursday, June 20, 2013

NDSouth: Stickers

In Preschool we have a sticker chart for good behavior. This is probably the favorite time of day for the children. At the end of class, each child is allowed to choose one sticker and put it on their name. Once in a while they are also allowed to pick a sticker to wear. 

The other day, their teacher placed the ladybug stickers on their shirts. However, the kids apparently had other ideas as to the best place for a sticker. A few minutes later, this is what we found...

Sammy apparently likes to wear his sticker on his forehead.

And Asa prefers it on his head.

When their teacher moved the stickers back to their shirts, they turned right around and placed them back in their preferred spots. We decided it didn't really matter where they wanted to wear them.

Cooper was the only one who wore his sticker in the correct place, but of course we didn't snap a picture.

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