Friday, May 31, 2013

Talley's Dance

Did you hear? This morning (China time) at 6am a liver became available for Talley - a miracle! She went into surgery at 11am and was stable in ICU by about 8:30pm. The doctors were pleased with the surgery and considered the transplant successful. The next 48 hours will be very critical, however, so please keep her in your thoughts right now!

Back to the dancing...

If you could give Talley's dance a name, what would it be?

We're thinking about "Fishy Dance" or maybe "The Wiggle." What popped into your head first when you saw the clip?


  1. Wiggle Worm! Or Wiggle Butt (that is what we always called it when my kids did that!) She is SO cute! Praying for her safe recovery!

  2. So thankful for God's mercy in Talley's life! Praise The Lord!!!!!!!!