Thursday, May 16, 2013

NDSouth: Arrival & Today: Matthew

Matthew arrived in our care at just 4 days of age. On September 19, 2012, our staff met him at the hospital in Guangzhou where he had emergency surgery that same night. He came through and after recovery, joined our family at New Day South.

We love each and every one of our children, but there is something special about having a child in our care most of their young life and giving them the love and nurturing that they need from the start.

As the months went on, more tests were run and Matthew was diagnosed with more than we were originally aware of. But it didn't matter to us. We were going to love this little boy and walk him through each trial and obstacle in his path. Matthew had a long road ahead, but we would be with him through it all.

In addition to the surgery Matthew had the night he arrived, he has since had a heart surgery and is recovering well. We would never underestimate this little guy!

Matthew has developed quite the little personality and we love watching him grow and thrive each and every day. Each child deserves hope and a chance to live. We are blessed that we are the ones able to give Matthew that chance.

Thank you for standing with us on behalf of each and every child at New Day South. You are our childrens greatest cheerleaders.

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