Thursday, May 2, 2013

NDSouth: Arrival & Today: Sammy

Sammy arrived in New Day South and was admitted directly to the hospital and had heart surgery on July 10, 2012. Before coming to New Day South, Sammy had no hope. His orphanage did not have the resources or funding for the life saving surgery Sammy so desperately needed. And so they called us for help.
Sammy came to us at 18 months of age. He was behind developmentally and could not even sit up. In the last 9 months he has been at New Day South, he has gone from sitting up to soon standing and now, walking.
Not only has he made huge strides in his development, but when Sammy arrived he was scared, sad, and reserved. As the months went on, that precious smile of his began to shine through more and more.
Sammy has such a sweet spirit and a smile that lights up the room. He loves being held, rocked, and read too. He is a regular in our preschool class and is learning his colors, numbers, and letters all in English. We can't imagine our lives without this little boy in it.
Love makes a difference. Thank you for being a part of the Sammy's life and his journey of hope. We are all anxiously waiting for the day that he is matched with a forever family of his very own.


  1. Who can we contact to get information about adopting Sammy? We have a son who also had open heart surgery and Sammy is such an inspiration!

    1. Try Lifeline. He's apparently on the shared list now, so any agency would probably be able to help you, but they had his file in the past and have his picture on their website, still :)

    2. (Lifelife also has Daphne and Lucy's files).

  2. Someone on Facebook mentioned yesterday that Sammy is listed on Reece's Rainbow, although there are no donations for him, yet.
    I wonder what kind of adult he'll grow up to be. Maybe thanks to New Day, we will get to find out :)

  3. So happy to see how well Sammy is doing-such an amazing transformation and I look forward to the day he has family!