Monday, May 6, 2013

Celebrating the Firsts: Michael Walks!

This kid. If he's not the giggliest, cuddliest, most independent and yet still a complete mama's-boy there is, then I don't know who is. Michael came to us in heart failure. He came to us literally dying. But after a first successful heart surgery and then an abundance of TLC, he's grown up so much.

In fact, Michael is doing so well that the doctors are postponing his second heart surgery for a little while.

And, just in the last few weeks, Michael has become a little walking-machine. He's fast. He's everywhere. He's on the move!

And now, since Michael is practically walking everywhere, it's getting harder and harder to manage to take a good video of him. Because he's always moving!

But we got one the other day. It's not great, but it shows those confident steps in real life.

The miracle of Michael's life kind of takes your breath away, doesn't it?


  1. Oh Michael! What a difference since I saw you taking those first determined steps back in March...
    Nothing but love for that little sweetie!

  2. OMGOOOOOOODNESS!! Thank you, New Day for allow us to share in those first. You are allowing adoptive families to see and be apart of things that are traditionally lost for adoptees and their parents. God Bless the work you do and on behalf of the Forevet Families...THANK YOU!!!