Friday, May 3, 2013

...and Along Came Twins

Micah has been adopted, Wayne has joined a foster family... and just like that, two beds have been opened up! Now, who to fill the beds with...?


That's a tough one.

One of the orphanages that we have a good relationship with has been asking us to take two of their children. These little ones don't have any immediate surgery needs, but they were born premature, and so are a bit more susceptible to getting really sick. When the beds opened up, we gave the orphanage a ring and a few days later, look who showed up!

Two little boys, both nearly 11 months old, and as cute as can be. The whole staff was excited to see them. From therapist to nanny to medical staff to foster mama... everybody had to take a peek at these little boys.

The younger one will be called Ethan...

...and his older brother is Elijah.

Brothers? Yes! these two sweet little boys are twins. When they arrived they were both battling respiratory issues, but that's mostly under control now.

Because of their coughs, we kept Elijah and Ethan isolated for a week. We didn't want the other babies getting sick too! The boys came out of isolation this afternoon and look like they're settling in just fine.


Welcome to New Day Foster Home, sweet boys!