Friday, April 12, 2013

Look At Me

NDFH’s vision is to “bring hope to the hopeless and the fatherless home.” During my time at ND I saw that statement carried out in a unified reality. One day during a one-on-one class with a few of the children, we spent some time outside in the snow. One of the little girls was scared of walking across it, almost as if she touched the snow it would all break. The gardener was walking by and saw her timidity from across the yard. He dropped whatever he needed to get done in that moment, and walked over to help her walk across the snow—guiding her with her hand grasping his in a completely trusting manner. And she delighted to hear his gentle words of encouragement along the way. On a hospital visit, I stopped to see some of the children in their rooms before their procedures. There was one little boy in the room, not from ND, that was all by himself (no parents came). While the nannies were lovingly caring for ND’s children, they were talking to him, making sure he didn’t feel alone in that hospital room. Love sees no bounds. During my months at ND, I observed that the love the ND staff and volunteers have for the children is unconditional and selfless. Those 2 stories are not even scratching the surface. Their unity in heart to care for these children goes above and beyond what is required, and daily proves that “love makes a difference.”

The love and care at ND can only go so far until the time comes when a child is chosen by their forever family. But until that time comes, every child has that desire in their hearts—to have a “mama” and “baba” (mother, father) of their very own.

All around the world, orphans are crying out in every language with the same desire.

“At the dinner table is there a place for me?
On the canvas of your heart will you paint me in?
Baba, mama do you still want me?”

When those cries are answered, something beautiful happens—restoration of hearts,

“Making the shattered pieces whole
Bringing you to me.”

I wrote this song on my plane ride home, inspired by a little boy I got to know at ND. NDFH’s vision to “bring hope to the hopeless and fatherless home” is fully carried out every time an orphan’s eyes meet the gaze of their forever mommy and daddy for the first time, and become an orphan no longer, but home.


This post was written by our sweet intern, Abi who volunteered this past winter.

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