Monday, April 22, 2013

Getting our Wiggles Out!

It's finally warm enough to start having PE classes again! This year, our wonderful group of PE students includes Zoe, Meilin Eliana, Cara and Melinda! The girls had so much fun practising their bean bag throwing skills the other day... although Melinda preferred to walk right up to the net and drop her bag in. Don't they look like a happy bunch?

The courtyard we use for PE is located right outside of the downstairs playroom. This means that, when the rucus outside is sounding particularly exciting, the little ones look up from their toys and toddle over to the window to stare, to dream and to try and find out if looking super-cute will somehow make the glass disappear and they will find themselves apart of the fun.

We have a whole photo album of photos in our scrapbook on the website. Check them out!


  1. Precious group of children!!!

  2. Adorable shot of the "big" girls, but my heart totally melted with the one of the toddlers. Not a day goes by that I don't think about those little darlings!