Monday, March 11, 2013

The Day Has Come

Six years ago we said "Hello" to a little baby boy we named "Philip." He was a very sick little guy, and the doctors did their best to save his life. They said that he would be permanently brain damaged and that he would never walk. We said that he was handsome and that there was something special - something captivating, about him. 

As you know, Philip grew. He defied expectations, prognosis’s and he proved the doctors wrong over and over, growing up to be a testimony to miracles.

Five years ago we welcomed another tiny baby into our little family. He was also sick, and his future didn't look bright. William was only one month old when he arrived, and since that day he has done so much more than just grow big and strong. He's also proven the doctors wrong, by not only walking and standing, but running and jumping!

William and Philip grew up together. Someone asked Philip the other day who his friends were. He listed William first. These boys have gone to preschool together, and each of them has grieved as they watched foster sibling after foster sibling leave to be adopted into forever families. 

They watched and they waited, dreaming of the day when they too would be home forever. 

This day has come. Today, Philip and William left to join their adoptive parents. They are both being adopted today. Who would have thought that they would be adopted on the same day. It's nearly impossible.

The boy's last day at New Day

Ah yes, but we're talking about William and Philip here. Nothing is really impossible when it comes to them.

Happy adoption, boys! Come back and visit, okay? We are really going to miss you two around here.


  1. bye bye boys. have an awesome life with your forever families. we'll miss your smiles when we visit.

    cheers Paul & Julie. New Zealand

  2. Congratulations, boys! Your buddy Vincent misses you!

  3. oh! i'm soooo happy for them!!!!

  4. I am so happy that I got to be there last week and get to know you both before you left! Congratulations to you boys and to your families ~ I know you will both be a ray of sunshine in your new homes.