Friday, March 8, 2013

A Big Brother Like Colton

How do you prove yourself to be a big helper when you're one of the oldest children living in a foster home for special needs orphans? Why, help with nebulizer treatments, of course!

Colton has an extremely tender heart, and was very willing and happy to help with Ella's nebulizer treatment. Miss Ella played one of her tricks and stayed awake during nap-time, so she was fast asleep by the time her next nebulizer treatment rolled around.

Colton held the nebulizer up to her mouth, and then shook it gently as the breathing treatment began to end...  making sure that Ella breathed in every last bit.

When Ella's nanny told Colton that the treatment was done, Colton confidently turned around and turned the nebulizer off.

 Silly Ella slept through the whole thing...

...even when Colton took the mask off of her face!

We're sure that she felt the extra big-brother love and attention that afternoon, even though she didn't wake up. Everybody needs a big brother like Colton!


  1. Sweet Colton! You are the most darling boy.

  2. That is one of the most precious things I have ever seen. I am thinking Colton may have a future in the medical field... what lucky patients!!

  3. These photos are absolutely precious.