Thursday, March 28, 2013

NDSouth: Easter

This month we have been focusing on Easter and spring in our preschool class. And what is one of the first things you think of when Spring or Easter is mentioned? Bunnies! Therefore, we decided to have our little ones make bunny ears in class. 

They have this obsession with putting things on their heads so they were all for posing for some "bunny pictures!" Have you ever seen such adorable bunnies before?!

This is Sammy's first Easter spent with us. Is he a cute bunny or what?

 Those eyes... don't they just melt your heart?

Apparently Cooper thinks he may be a bit old for bunny ears. "What are these things on my head?"

 We have a small class but a fun one down here!

Happy Easter from New Day South!

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  1. Can't wait until they open their care package from the Varnon's. I hope it gets there before Easter.