Friday, March 15, 2013

Hide and Seek

Anna Rose is nearly a year old, but she's a tiny little thing and has had trouble gaining weight since her recent heart surgery. She has not had much trouble gaining strength, though, and has proven herself to be tiny but mighty!

Little Anna's new thing is rolling, which she does quite well... and rather quickly! If her nannies glance away for just a few seconds, there's a good chance that Anna Rose will have rolled herself into the bedroom and will be playing hide-and-seek under the beds!

Maya doesn't roll like little Anna Rose (and Christopher) love to do, she can crawl on her own. She was inspired by Anna Rose, however, and look at where we found her...

We've found that we need to keep the doors in the CCU room closed so that our little adventurers won't escape and roll off to explore. That would defeat the purpose of isolation. We're so pleased that these sweet children have a powerful sense of curiosity. Where will we find them next?


  1. I just adore her. Is she sponsored yet?

  2. Oh my gosh these two are so cute and precious!!!