Thursday, March 14, 2013

NDSouth: Party Time

 It's time to party at New Day South! March is a big month for birthdays for us. We get to celebrate not one, but TWO birthdays! Jewel turned 2 earlier this week and Charlotte will turn 1 later this month!

Make a wish you two!

Charlotte cutting the cake!

Jewel, what did you get?

Birthday's are when we get to spoil our lunches and stuff ourselves with cake. As you can tell, Marshall just couldn't get enough! Doe he look guilty or what of sneaking a few extra pieces?

Sweet Asa, you look good with frosting on your face!

Cooper is probably one of our "cleanest" eaters, at least compared to the others! Cooper understands all about birthdays and repeatedly has asked "Cooper's birthday?" No sweet boy, but you are next in line for an upcoming birthday.

Don't you just want to eat Charlotte up? Especially with that frosting on her face!

We are so thankful for our nannies who love our kids so much! They love the birthday celebrations as much as the kids do.

Happy Birthday Jewel and Charlotte! We love you both so very much and are so glad you are part of our New Day South family!


  1. Thanks for posting these photos! Two little sweethearts! Hope Jewels birthday gift arrives soon!

  2. Happy birthday little sweethearts!
    And that picture of Cooper? Oh my. He is so darling!