Monday, January 7, 2013

Maya's Present

Maya received a huge package from her "grandpa," the man who saved her life. The box came with a note, instructing her to choose a few items for herself, and then to share the rest with her friends. It was a hard choice, but Maya settled with the baby doll. 

Because she rooms with Anna Rose and Annabel, Maya knows a lot about babies. In fact, when she feels like her little sisters are getting more attention than she is, Maya has been known to crawl over and lay down on a blanket next to the babies! It's too cute to watch.

Maya also received a lovely hat...

...and a framed photo of her Grandpa. 

Thank you Mr. Marshall for the love you have for your little Maya. Because of you, she has the opportunity to blossom and grow and live. 


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  2. That is beautiful and brought me to tears. Hope she always knows what her "grandpa" did for her. :)