Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hudson's New Game

Hudson and Seth had bad colds, and so we isolated them in their room so that none of the other babies would get sick. A few days cooped up in a relatively small bedroom might drive some little children crazy, but not Hudson! He came up with a hilarious game to pass the time... we'll call it Hudson's Rock-and-Roll-Back-and-Forth-in-the-Drawer Game.


Want to see how it's done? First, the child must empty out their bottom dresser drawer and sit in it. Then, the child in question needs to rock back and forth until the drawer begins rolling. Giggles are optional, but enhance the game quite a bit.

It is completely acceptable to push a friend while they're playing "the game." In fact, it's a lot of fun that way too!

You should also keep your eyes out for party-poopers who don't want little children sitting in the drawers.

Seth and Hudson have since recovered from their coughs, but now Michael, Alea and Jeffery are isolated together with a slight tummy bug (wouldn't want to pass that one around to anyone else!). Any ideas about what they're doing right now?


  1. So happy they are feeling better - what adorable pictures. Hudson was our little Christmas baby! Give him a hug for us!