Thursday, January 3, 2013

Foster Sisters

Melinda and Sarah Lyn live in the same foster family. They don't look anything alike, but just by watching them interact together you will see that these two are indeed sisters. According to their foster mama, Melinda is an excellent big sister. Sarah Lyn isn't quite walking yet so big-sister Melinda loves to push her around in the baby walker. When Sarah Lyn gets fussy, Melinda brings her toys. 

These two little ones have grown and transformed incredibly since they arrived at New Day Foster Home last year. Sarah Lyn was malnourished and scared; today she is learning how to talk and feeding herself with a spoon. When Melinda came she was non-verbal; today she's a giggling little girl who's learning how to talk, pretending and playing with other children.

Here's a sweet story about Melinda: one day, Melinda was playing by herself. She had a little bear and began patting the bear, combing its hair and singing it to sleep. She's been loved and so now she's loving.

Each one of the children in our care has some sort of special need. Sometimes these needs make them look differently, and we might start to worry about how they'll see themselves as they grow up. Little ones understand earlier than you'd think that they are being treated differently.... how does Sarah Lyn see herself in the eyes of another?

Well, when Sarah Lyn looks into the mirror, she smiles, because when she sees her face she sees something special and she knows that she's beautiful.

She is beautiful, and Melinda is so special.... and the greatest thing is that they both know. This is the most wonderful thing in the world. This is why we do what we do, so that orphans can grow up with not just life, but with self-confidence and joy.

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