Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ella's Christmas

The week of our Christmas party Ella started having some pretty major struggles. We were afraid that we would lose her and she needed to be admitted into PICU the Monday before our Friday Christmas party. On New Year's Eve, Ella was released from the hospital, much recovered. We haven't had a chance to give her the Christmas goodies that you sent until just now, and I'm sure that you are going to love these precious pictures.

Ella's new toy, cute skirt and shoes will hopefully be apart of her daily wardrobe.

A hat and gloves? Why, thank you very much! These will keep me toasty and warm when I have to go to doctor's appointments. 

Whoever purchased this dress and hat ensemble for Ella knew her well. She looks amazing in pink and brown leopard print. 

A new hair bow and a cute jacket...

And oh, this one must be Ella's favorite! Her smile, which lights up our world, has been showing itself a lot more frequently these recent mornings. She's not without her struggles, but she seems to have her joy back.

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