Monday, January 21, 2013

Anna Rose's Amazing Story

One of our favorite things to do is to tell you the amazing and miraculous stories of our children. Today, please sit back and be amazed at the miracle of Anna Rose's life!

We were shocked to hear from Anna Rose’s doctor that her severe heart defect was not the biggest issue in her case. Her left bronchial tube had severe stenosis, making the risks of heart surgery great and the chances of her surviving heart surgery and being able to come off of the ventilator slim. Anna Rose was admitted into the hospital October 22, 2012 and her case was taken on by the top surgeon at her hospital. But even he was reluctant to operate, and he took time to perform tests and get to know her case as well as he could before surgery.

“None of the doctors wanted to perform her surgery,” said the nanny who lived with Anna Rose for the month she waited in the hospital, “they were all scared.”

Anna Rose waited in the hospital for a month, but her situation didn’t change and she couldn’t wait much longer for her heart to be repaired. November 21, 2012 Anna Rose went into surgery. It took six long hours, but according to the surgeons, was successful. The doctors had never been extremely concerned about her operation; it was the pot- op recovery period that they were nervous about. Anna Rose was on the ventilator for a week, but miraculously was able to be weaned off of it with no major issues. Her doctors didn’t rush her recovery, and she was released from PICU on December 10th. Still needing occasional oxygen and breathing treatments, Anna Rose and her nanny stayed in  the hospital for another two weeks, until December 25, 2012.

She was released from the hospital on Christmas day, the precious “miracle” of her hospital ward.

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