Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our Holly

When Holly first arrived in our care, we could tell that she had grown up, limited, in a very small world. At 11 years old, Holly’s love tank was at a deficit and her education very much lacking. We set right to work, providing her with pretty new clothes, friends, loving foster parents and hugs whenever she desired, which was all of the time. We also started her in our class for older children.

We’ve witnessed a beautiful transformation in Holly these past seven months. Her smile is brighter and she loves to look pretty. When she was first given the opportunity to pick out some new clothes, she didn’t choose any dresses. Today, however, Holly is wearing a beautiful dress and is showing off her cute hairstyle to anyone who will look.

There’s something special about Holly. While she craves love and affirmation desperately, when we pour into her, she immediately pours right back out. Holly loves hugs, but she doesn’t just receive them; she gives them generously.

Holly has had very little previous formal teaching and is significantly behind her peers academically. Currently she is being taught in our classroom with private teachers. She is enjoying learning and has made some progress. She is learning Math as well as reading and writing Chinese and some English. Her skills are currently at the preschool/kindergarten level. She communicates well, although her language skills are significantly behind her age peers.

She is delayed and she has limitations, but those limitations don’t need to define who Holly is. Holly is no less a person than if she had the potential of the smartest child in the world. She is whole and complete and wonderful for just being herself.

Step into the backyard at any free moment of Holly’s day and she will be sure to run up to you and eagerly point out her outfit, demonstrate a new toy or tell you something that she just learned. There’s an enthusiasm about Holly that’s beautifully contagious.

Holly loves to help out and thrives on encouragement and praise.

She is a very special girl.

We are so blessed and privileged to be apart of her life, and long for the day when she will have a forever family of her very own to be apart of it too.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Attempting a Photoshoot

Four kids post-preschool and English class are a little bit of a challenge to mold into a perfect group picture. But wait! Who said that a perfect group picture had to involve 100% eye contact and happy, smiling faces?

Evie doesn't like sitting in the grass, Levi's uncomfortable between two girls, Cora poses nicely and William gives his "happy" face.

In between takes, William took off, never to be seen seated still again. Evie told her foster mom that she was fine on the grass now, Levi smiles and Cora calls for the escaped William

Without Evie noticing, Cora gives Levi a kiss. Levi doesn't seem to mind.

A jealous Evie pecks Levi on the cheek, in front of the incredulous Cora. Levi is beginning to become a little bit tired of the drama.

Evie and Cora begin to argue over who Levi likes best. Evie argues that he's in her preschool class, Cora claims that she's known him longer and he really likes her. Levi continues to ignore the ladies...

Weren't they perfect?

The Way to Relax

After a long day of preschool and playing and running around outside, Colton and Wendy need a break! The toy shelf is as comfortable as any, and stuffed animals make great pillows!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Just Give Me a Call

Though he still crawls sometimes, Jonathan has become quite the pro at walking. And multitasking.

This is what you would have seen had you been sitting in the playroom yesterday. Jonathan, running towards you, on the phone. He was talking quickly and seemed to have somewhere to go.

Running... talking...

What do you think he was talking about? Where was he going?
Wednesday, July 25, 2012

NDSouth: Hot

One word explains how we are feeling down here at New Day South…


Due to the hot and humid temperatures, the kids take a morning walk to beat the heat. However, even when they go out at 8 a.m., they still come home hot and sweaty!

They are then in need of a change of clothes.

We soon found out that our little ones love taking their shirts off and would keep them off all day if we would let them! They walk around the foster home sticking their bellies out showing anyone that will look… and of course, giggling.

We captured a few pictures on camera!

Marshall enjoys the chance to let his belly get some fresh air!

Jewel demonstrated that of course you can play with a baby doll with no shirt on!

Isn’t your baby hot Jewel with all those clothes on?

Hope couldn’t figure out why we were taking her picture!

What a look, Hope!

Asa loves airing his belly out!

We sure have some cuties down south!

This post was written by New Day South's intern, Anneli

Black and White: What a Day!

Bright and early excitement

dancing like a water fairy

just a few pool-jitters

in deeper waters

Lucy's joy


this is the life

end of the day. worn out
More Pictures Here!
Photos by our intern, Allie
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fresh New Life

Four new babies in less than a week? It doesn't get much better than this!

Violet and James are both little, little ones. They arrived yesterday afternoon and are officially the youngest in the foster home!

Violet is six weeks old. She is missing an eye, but otherwise seems healthy.

She drinks well, that's for sure!

 James is a tiny little boy with a cleft lip and a rather serious heart disease. He is just a day younger than Violet! Love, surgery and a lot of warm milk are going to do wonders for this little tyke.

Two new little bodies to cuddle. Two new hearts to love. Two new lives to adore.

The Forever Home: Just Hangin' Around

Holly gets a boost up from big older sister, Shawna.

Holly seems to enjoy just hangin' around :)

Mollie then decides she wants to give it a try!  

Elly enjoys some swing time.  Elly's becoming more and more independent all the time. She actually put herself in the swing.

Emma really likes the teeter-totter. 
Monday, July 23, 2012

Twins in the Playroom

The twins have officially moved downstairs into the playroom! Their arrival was met with mixed feelings by the children.

Hey, Ma... who's this? What? Her name's Ava and she's sleeping in my room!?!

Wendy was in heaven with a new baby to cuddle. She went for Nora first.

Ohhh, but now here's Ava. "Hi sweetie!"

It doesn't get more adorable than this right here. 

Wendy, with Nora in her lap. We'll be seeing this scene quite often from now on.

Claire and Colton entertain Ava and show her some of her new toys.

Babies are the greatest, Claire says. Wouldn't you agree?
Friday, July 20, 2012

Will: Village Farmer

We're planting new flowers in the backyard, so before the new blossoms arrive, the dirt in the flowerbeds needed to be tilled. Shirley, one of our great day nannies, grabbed a rake to do a bit of the work and Will came over to help her.

After watching for a while, Will decided that he wanted to help.

Of course, tilling a garden is hard work, and Will needed a towel to wipe the sweat from his neck.

Being a villager herself, Will's nanny knew just how to give him the appropriate head gear.

He was so happy.

 Doesn't he look like a village farmer?