Monday, July 30, 2012

Attempting a Photoshoot

Four kids post-preschool and English class are a little bit of a challenge to mold into a perfect group picture. But wait! Who said that a perfect group picture had to involve 100% eye contact and happy, smiling faces?

Evie doesn't like sitting in the grass, Levi's uncomfortable between two girls, Cora poses nicely and William gives his "happy" face.

In between takes, William took off, never to be seen seated still again. Evie told her foster mom that she was fine on the grass now, Levi smiles and Cora calls for the escaped William

Without Evie noticing, Cora gives Levi a kiss. Levi doesn't seem to mind.

A jealous Evie pecks Levi on the cheek, in front of the incredulous Cora. Levi is beginning to become a little bit tired of the drama.

Evie and Cora begin to argue over who Levi likes best. Evie argues that he's in her preschool class, Cora claims that she's known him longer and he really likes her. Levi continues to ignore the ladies...

Weren't they perfect?


  1. Adorable! I love those kids!

    If a group picture had to have 100% eye contact and smiling faces, we'd be in a heap o' trouble 'round these parts! :)

    Hugs to all!