Saturday, December 22, 2012

We Need Your Help!

Last year we complied a list of the Top Posts of 2011. We had a blast, but it was a lot of work. How were we supposed to know which ones were your favorites? This year I'm asking for your help. What were your favorites posts from 2012?

If you can remember certain captivating posts right off of the top of your head, fabulous! If you can't, look on the right sidebar to see a list of posts for each month of this year, skim through them in your spare time, and let us know which ones you love the most.

Thank you so much.

...and because we can't post without a picture. Here's a "before/today" image of Michael, who was our first arrival of 2012. What a wonderful, life-giving year it's been for him!


  1. Alea...11/19/12. Her expression with that bottle hanging out of her mouth is priceless!

  2. November 21., Maja! It´s just without words! It´s AMAZING!!!
    Only God and your hard work!

  3. April 14th. Seeing Joel and Philip walking side by side...a reminder of never say never.
    July 18th. The arrival of TWINS! Talk about double the adorableness!
    and pretty much any post of that girl!

  4. Definetly Marshall's birthday post he struggled for so long but is now healthy and strong (10-11-12), also Asher's first time meeting Tom.

  5. "Our little pumpkins", but not that they weren't all great!

    1. Or "Asher and tom" when they were exchanging christmas presents; "NDsouth: Merry and bright" and "Doing things Esther's way". Expect more replies as I continue looking through the past year's posts!

  6. "18 Hours" (Sept. 13) made me fall in love, "Philip has a family" (Nov. 7) made me jump up and down, and "Final Chapter" (Sept. 3) made me cry.

    Those are some of the most memorable to me, but all of them are well worth reading!

    Can't wait to see the "favorites" list. :)

  7. My favorites are the birthday party posts.
    Why? Well, we have an older adopted child (not from ND) who talks about not ever having a birthday before we adopted her.
    It makes my heart sing to see yall rejoice over the birth of these precious children! They are God's blessings!
    Hugs to you all,

  8. Some of my favs...
    Feb27 - "Little Mother" ~ this is sooo sweet!
    March 26 - "The Orange Slice" ~ funny!
    July 25 - "Black and White" ~ so beautiful!
    "Alea's Amazing Story" such a miracle!
    And of course "Annabel's Amazing Story" LOVE!!!