Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Difference of Three Years

The difference of three years... it's huge. She arrived a frail, weak, cyanotic baby, fighting for her life. We weren't sure that she could win the fight but she did. Recovering from a dangerous heart surgery was risky, but in Cora's situation it was miraculous. She didn't just "make it," she thrived. Two years ago Cora was placed in a foster family, and within the next few months, she should be joining her adoptive family... her forever family. They are going to be so blessed, and we can't wait to see what difference the next three years work in miss Cora's life.


  1. I agree...we will be incredibly blessed to add this little darling to our family. Already are, in fact. :)

    1. SO super-excited for the Anderson family! :) I want to stow away in your bag and come with you!! It's an all-around blessing for everyone involved. Praying for safe and healthy travels, and a smooth transition, and for God to fill the space that her absence there is sure to leave for awhile. She is a little ray of sunshine and is sure to be missed! ♥

  2. She is joining one of the most amazing families I have been privileged to know. We know all too well that there are too many children and not enough families. I pray that her absence is filled with a new miracle to love and be loved and who will heal and thrive until they too find their forever family.