Wednesday, October 3, 2012


When Philip first arrived at NDFH, he was labeled. He was labeled as "brain damaged" and "limited."

Today? He's still labeled, but his labels have changed. Drastically. Today you can ask any one of our volunteers and they'll say that Philip is "talkative," "witty," "fast" and a "really good translator." We don't need to worry about language barriers in the preschool room because Philip does all the translating that needs doing.

Labels shouldn't mean anything to us, but in Philip's story... they actually mean quite a lot.


  1. I must also add that Philip is a great photographer. Some of the best pictures we have or our first hours with Claire are the ones that Philip took when he was trying out my camera. Keep on amazing people, Philip! You are a wonderful young man.

  2. and he should be "labeled" HANDSOME!!!

  3. OH!!! So happy to see this post! Praying that Philip will find a family soon. He is such a beautiful boy! And from what I read, his personality is wonderful! I know he must have a family out there...