Friday, October 12, 2012

Six in a Row

Six sweet kids...

right after preschool...

...waiting for their foster parents to come and pick them up.

Six sweet kids, all in a row...

each one of them bursting with unique personality...

Six little children, all in a row, waiting for the day when they will be home.

p.s. for those curious, Mollie, Micah, Cara, William and Cora have already been matched with families, so they're just waiting for their forever families to come. Only Eliana, in this picture, wait for her forever family to find her and choose her.

1 comment:

  1. Break my heart--as I read the post my heart just poured out to Eliana even before reading at the bottom that she is the only one in the photo NOT matched.
    I thought for sure by this year's Christmas she would have that "*"--She's such a beautiful spirit. (And being exactly the same age as my youngest, my momma heart aches for the momma she is missing and also what her momma is missing.

    Praying her very special family would hear their call to her and come SOOOON! Can we advocate for her on fb/blog?