Saturday, October 13, 2012

200 Adoptions {Who's Next?}

We had a celebration to honor the 200th adoption in New Day Foster Home's history on Friday. The problem was...
...we have three children leaving the exact same day!

Cora, Evie and Alex all leave today to join their adoptive families and we couldn't be more thrilled to celebrate the 200th adoption by also celebrating our 201st and 202nd adoption!

Evie and her foster mom

Cora and Evie both came to New Day because they needed healing. Both of these little girls had very, very serious heart conditions. Neither of them should be alive today. Alex arrived needing medical attention for his eyes, and has grown into a handsome and caring young man through the love of his wonderful foster family.

Cora with Grace, our director
We gave each of the three children being adopted a balloon, and after a countdown, the balloons were released. Lily asked, "are the balloons going to fly all the way to America?" And Philip wondered why we were letting the balloons fly. We explained to him that it was because Cora, Evie and Alex would soon "fly" to America!

Alex watches his balloon "fly to america"

Cora kept her hands over her ears the whole time
After the releasing of the balloons we handed out more balloons to all of the other children. Our hope is that one day each one of these little ones will also "fly away" to their forever families.

Who will be next? Will it be Rachel, our beautiful little princess?

Or maybe it will be Ken, who held on tightly to his balloon.

Lena's waiting too... how much longer until she joins her family?

Or maybe sweet Henry will be next! He's one of the most loving and imaginative boys you will ever meet.

Or Michael, could it be you?

...maybe Asher will be next?

Lucy has been waiting too long for her family. Wouldn't it be wonderful if she was next!?

200 adoptions... what a joy! But there are still little children with hope and longing in their eyes, wondering if maybe, just maybe...

 Will I be next?


  1. To adopt these children, would someone need to go through a certain angeny, or if not, how?

  2. brittany
    no, NDFH is a foster home... the orphanages that the children come from could be partnered with a specific adoption agency but not necessarily. if not the children will be placed on the shared list after their files are prepared by the orphanage they originally came from. i hope that helps.

    1. How would one go about finding out what orphanage a child came from?

  3. Oh how I pray for all those sweet babies' families!!!!
    Especially little Lucy...I know her family is out there!!!!! She is SUCH a blessing!!!!!!
    I love "feeling" like I was at this celebration! Thanks for giving us a peek and allowing us in blog world to celebrate with you!!!!!!!

  4. I'm with Laine... these posts DO help us to 'feel' like we are there with you. And having been there for a going away celebration party myself, I can picture all the children excitedly playing and celebrating in the yard. Oh how I miss that wonderful place!!

    Praying all these precious children are matched with their forever families soon, and celebrating with the 3 who just joined theirs!!!♥♥♥
    The families are all going to be SO blessed!

  5. What a time of celebration!! So excited for these three beautiful children. And goosebumps thinking about all the other children who will one day be flying off with their own forever families. Your heart is great, Hannah. Thanks for writing these blogs and letting us back here get to see what is happening there and stay connected. That's been such a source of joy for me over the past year or so.