Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Arrivals: Alan and Anna Rose

We just welcomed two little babies into the foster home! Alan, whose name means Handsome, is three months old and has an ENT defect. Obviously, he's a happy little guy and has already moved downstairs into Michael and Levi's room!

Anna Rose is a delicate and precious little girl. She's six months old but not much bigger than Alan. She has a very complex congenital heart defect and we are already working on getting her scheduled for the tests she will need to do surgery. She's in our Critical Care Unit and is currently trying to get rid of a case of pneumonia and an ever-returning fever. We hope that she will soon be strong enough to have the surgery that she desperately needs!

For two new babies, there is now a fresh glimmer of hope. Thanks for helping us make a difference!

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