Tuesday, October 2, 2012

From Day One

She was an itty bitty thing when she first arrived, but even then Rebecca was stealing hearts.

Today is no exception, as we've just discovered that our friendly dog, Tom, has a crush on Rebecca and whines like only a dog can when he sees Rebecca but isn't close enough to lick her precious cheek.

In a way, I think that we're all a bit like Tom. Except for the licking part, of course... but who wouldn't drop everything to plant a kiss on her sweet face?


  1. How did she grow up into a little girl so fast? But you are right, beautiful then and beautiful now! All I can say is Tom is one lucky dog to have so many cute kids to choose from! :-)

  2. I think we share that crush with Tom. It is a blessing to sponsor this little Sweetie and I'm not one bit surprised that she has stolen Tom's heart!! ♥