Monday, October 22, 2012

All You Wanted To Know {The Twins}

Ava and Nora.

They look pretty alike, don't they?

But despite their similarity in looks, these twins have very different personalities.

Ava is the more rambunctious of the two. She is very loud, and loves to babble nonsense to herself. She is the more ticklish one of the two, and her smile is massive. She isn't afraid of strangers, and she absolutely LOVES to be held.

Nora, on the other hand, has a bit more quiet of a personality. She is a bit shy, and not as vocal as Ava, though she is starting to say basic words. Nora doesn't mind playing by herself, but when someone she knows well is in the room, she will demand their attention. Extremely affectionate, Nora loves to snuggle. Often times, she will crawl up into my lap, lean back, and simply play with my hands and touch my face. She stands like a pro, and I recently saw her take a couple steps by herself.

These twins are so special and so unique. They will be such a blessing to their foster mama, and eventually, their forever mama!

This post was written by our wonderful volunteer and expert twin wrangler, Page


  1. Double the cuteness and double the blessing!

  2. We are all so in love with these 2! What is it about twins? double the cuteness, i guess!

  3. Thanks so much for posting on the twins! Makes my heart skip a beat!!

  4. This adoptive mama of (domestic) twins is in love all over again! Oh these two have stolen my heart!