Monday, September 10, 2012

The Mamas

Our nannies are the greatest. Many of them have been working here at NDFH for over 12 years - since the very beginning!

Sharon is one of our Purple Room nannies. She works every other day from 7am to 5pm, until the night shift comes in. Sharon is also a shift leader!

Shirley is one of the nannies assigned to the Yellow Room - she works the same shift as Sharon and is also one of our amazing hospital nannies. When of of the little ones needs to be admitted, we often ask Shirley to accompany them. She fights for the kids; that's the most important part of a hospital nanny's job.

We recently hired two new nannies and will be putting them on the website soon. They've already fallen in love with the children and are doing great work.

Each bedroom has two nannies assigned to it. One comes to work every other day. This way, our children become attached to only two mamas, as opposed to emotionally depending on a dozen women every day. The kids call their nannies, "Mama," and go to them when they need a boo-boo kissed or a diaper changed.

We know that any arrangment of caregivers in an institution, as wonderful as it is, is never a substitute for a family. That's why we try to place children in foster families as soon as possible! Wendy joined hers last week, Jonathan joins his today and Violet will join hers tomorrow. Forever Adoptive Families are even better, and we cannot wait until each one of the children at NDFH is matched with a family of their own.

Have you considered adoption from China? Check out the information we have on our website!

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  1. We have adopted twice from China, and we love the country! And seeing these precious children makes me long for more...:)