Saturday, August 18, 2012

Who Makes You Giggle?

For obvious reasons, Jonathan is adored by his nannies. He is adorable. This picture is of Jonathan with one of his nannies, Rose. She's been working at NDFH since its beginnings and is as sweet, caring and intentional with the children as they come.

When we tried to get some cute pictures of Jonathan, she was right there by our side making him giggle... and giggle... and giggle...

It's the love that's poured into Jonathan on a regular basis that makes him so joyful. And it's his nanny, Rose, who makes him giggle.

What makes you giggle?


  1. I love love love this precious litte boy! He is going to be such a blessing to his family one day!

  2. Oh my stars! Priceless photos ... of Jonathan AND Rose! And nothing gets me to giggle more than hearing my kids giggle!