Monday, July 9, 2012

What Goes On In Class...

...stays in class. Until today, actually.

Gan Lu, our wonderful website genius and professional at capturing those precious, candid moments of childhood with her camera, walked into preschool this morning. Crouching behind Philip and Micah's seats, she started taking a few pictures.

"What are you doing?" Micah asked her.

"Taking pictures of you," she answered.

"Hmph," he replied.

One can never resist a picture of studious Miss Cora in class. She seems to be determined to be the model student, even though she's only three, one of the youngest in the classroom.

Being the model student has many implications, as Cora well knows. Not only must she sit up, back straight, and at least appear to always be listening intently, she also must make sure that everyone else in the room is doing the same.

Cora's been keeping order in preschool since she was a little tyke. She's good at it, can't you tell? When I first saw this picture, I was pretty convinced that she was telling Philip and Micah to sit still and pay attention. Just look at the picture below! Aren't you suspicious of these two trouble-makers adorable boys?

But no, it turns out that Cora was hushing her next-door-seat-neighbor, Cara.

Really, Cara? You?

Ok, so maybe we don't have any 100% innocent children here. That's okay, though. We'll take 120% adorable any day, wouldn't you?


  1. LOVE the picture of Cora shushing Cara! Too funny! I know her mama can't wait to get that little "teacher's pet" home!!!!
    I miss pre-school!!!!!!!

  2. Mama and Baba can't wait to bring little "Miss MISCHIEVIOUS Cara" home either! She will totally fit in - soooo absolutely ADORABLE too!!! What a CUTE story and a SURPRISE to us!!! Can't help but SMILE!!! WE ALSO CAN'T HELP BUT LOVE YOU, SWEET CARA AND ALL AT NDFH!!!

  3. I get increasingly impatient to hold Cora in my arms everytime I come across something like this! Good thing I don't have to wait *too* much longer! :)