Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just a Simple Headband

All we had to do was slip this little headband onto Melinda's head and suddenly she was a beauty queen.

But then the headband started sliding down her head... what were we to do?

Apparently nothing, just watch.

Golly, is she cute or what?!

When Melinda first arrived, she appeared to be non-verbal. She didn't talk, not even at her foster family's home. We worried about her, she seemed so delayed. Well, Melinda is still quite delayed, but she isn't totally silent anymore! We're still working on the "talking" part, but it looks like Melinda may have the ability to communicate! And you should just hear her laugh... 


  1. What a doll! So thankful to see her blossom!

  2. Haha, I have problems with my headbands slipping like that, too. How cute.

  3. What a smile! I think she likes the hair pretties!

  4. OH That girl is a doll!!! And yes the headband is sort of cute, but MERCY! Those eyes and that smile meltr my heart!! I can imagine the giggles that go with it are pretty heart lifting too.