Sunday, June 3, 2012

Longest Braid Award (Claire)

We're pretty sure that, while living here at NDFH, Claire's hair has never been cut. Because of this, she has the longest hair by far in the foster home. One night, right after her bath, we decided to give her two french braids, just to see what they would look like. Claire complied, and was actually quite pleased with her new look.

Considering that the hair was wet when it was braided, and it was almost time for bed, we were excited to see Claire the next morning, hoping that she would have curls leftover from the braids. But, to our surprise, Claire's hair was as straight as could be the next morning. What could have happened?

Any suspicions?

Oh, and have you heard the news? Claire has been officially matched with an adoptive family! From a little girl we didn't think would last the night, to a little lady who will, one day soon, have her very own mom and dad... It's so exciting we don't know whether to dance or cry (we did both, by the way).


  1. Claire you are beautiful!!!! And we praise God that you have a family!!!! They will be so very blessed!

  2. What an answer to prayer! This ABSOLUTELY made my day!Claire has a forever family! {Dancing and crying with you!}

  3. so happy she has a family!!! wooooohoooooo!!

    Why was her hair straight?!?!!? did the braids come out at night??!?!

    1. I was so happy I cried when I found out! Congrats Claire.