Monday, June 18, 2012

In Theaters!

Guess which movie the kids got to see last Friday? Madagascar 3! It was playing in the cinema nearby, and the children were invited by the theater to come and watch it in 3D. Of course, how could we say no?

The best part was seeing all of the children wear 3D glasses. Obviously.

Of course, with faces and ears so tiny, our little ones had to keep pushing the glasses up their tiny Asian noses. It was adorable.

Our hosts at the theater were too generous, and gave each one of the children a special stuffed animal keepsake from the show. Colton loves his giraffe, wouldn't you agree?

Have you seen Madagascar 3 yet? What did your kids think of it?

More pictures in the scrapbook!

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  1. What a special outing for the kids!!
    {{Polkadot afro...loved Madagascar 3}}