Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun Times

In case you weren't aware, the coolest place to hang out on a hot day is on the bottom shelf. Jonathan knows this from experience and will be happy to clean the shelf off for you, if you'd like.

While Jonathan's cooling himself off, Will and Rachel just sit and watch. Look at how Rachel's staring at Josiah... someone seems to have a little crush on him, we think. But who could look at those adorable rolls and not fall head over heels? We've never met a person who could resist his charm.

Besides being completely adorable, Rachel is also getting pretty adept at playing with toys, which is a good skill to master when you're her age. She should be leaving later this week with her new foster mama. We're excited that Rachel with get a chance to experience family life.

While all these fun things are happening in the downstairs playroom, the babies upstairs are busy quietly having their own fun. Michael and Ken enjoy some new toys upstairs. These two love to play with one another - actually, Michael loves to play with anyone.

In other news, look who came home yesterday! Sweet, captivating little Kate is home from the hospital after yet another bout with pneumonia. She seems to get it quite easily, but we hope that with a lot of love and nebulizer treatments, we can keep it away so that she's able to get her much-needed heart surgery.

Oh that smile...

You said that her eyes were "captivating," now, what do you think of her smile?


  1. I love those babies just living life with lots of love!
    And Kate"s smile? SWEET AS SOUTHERN ICED TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Goodness gracious!! Captivating is an understatement!♥ Love all those precious babies... this was quite literally a 'CUTE' post ~ but then, aren't they all!?!?! :)