Monday, March 12, 2012

Dress Up Fun

Did you guess who the bumblebee and doctor could be during Friday's dress-up extravaganza? If you guessed Mollie and Colton, then you were right!

Colton couldn't wipe the amazed look off of his face. He was so proud of his costume.

... and Mollie certainly lived up to her costume by buzzing busily and happily about the classroom, stopping occasionally to peep at herself in the mirror and giggle.

Noah made a fabulous Spiderman. He flexed his muscles and then stood excitedly in front of the mirror, laughing at himself and jumping up and down with joy.

Claire fits the part of a princess quite well. Our tall, elegant, beauty is regal and witty. She makes that dress look good, doesn't she?

We tried our hand at taking a group picture, but of course we couldn't get all of the children to look at the camera and smile at the same time. Oh well.  There are more pictures in the scrapbook!


  1. I agree with Tara, they are all so precious.

    But that picture of Noah? Oh my goodness. He just continues to become more and more precious, doesn't he? I love that child from afar ~ so looking forward to the day we can visit again!